Punjabi Suit: The Punjabi suit, also known as the Salwar Kameez, is an outfit worn primarily by Indian women but also by some men. Made of a variety of light fabrics, such as cotton and silk, the Punjabi suit can be plain but is more often decorated with printed fabric or embroider. In the ancient Punjab region, people wore cotton clothing. The tops for both genders reached to Modern Punjabi Dress has retained this outfit but over its long history has added other forms of Dress. 

The Punjabi Suit have retained this outfit, but over the years there have been significant changes in designs and patterns of the Punjabi suits.

Punjab has always been one of the most colorful states of India, and people here prefer cotton clothing since ages. The women used a large cloth to drape over one shoulder and reach the knees.

In the ancient region of Punjab, women used to wear a simple and yet elegant top that reached to their knees. The PUNJABI SUITS have retained this outfit, but over the years there have been significant changes in designs and patterns of the Punjabi suits.

If you want to look pretty and traditional at all times, then mentioned below are some of the top designs of Punjabi suits that you can go for your next party, wedding or any other occasions.


This beautiful combination is all the rage nowadays and in these suits you will find the beautiful and the trending palazzos type salwar and baggy kameez. The Punjabi suits are available in various colors, traditional patterns, patch work, sequin work, border work and much more such beautiful enhancements.

There are a lot of things happening in fashion industry on a constant basis. When matched with the right accessories, you will definitely dazzle in whichever event you step into. There are a lot of things happening in fashion industry on a constant basis.


These suits are a bit different from the regular Punjabi suits, but they come in the same category and are considered to be worn on a daily basis by many women. When you look for Punjabi suits online, you will definitely come across the beautiful and stylish patiala salwar suit.

Apart from the beautiful looking design, it is the utter comfort factor that moves many college students, working women and even homemakers to try this Punjabi suit.

There are some truly beautiful neck and sleeves designs that you can go for and experience freedom of movement due to the many pleats and baggy silhouettes that it offers. The suit is named after Patiala in Punjab, and most women in North India prefer to wear this elegant and yet simple suit

They are available in a wide range of materials and colors to choose from.


This type of traditional suit is a favorite choice for most young girls, and they can choose from the traditional ghagra with amazing designs and a beautiful kameez. Usually, the kameez is longer in length, but there are many different lengths available to choose from and you can choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

Bollywood actress and fashion enthusiasts love to pick up their styles from an array of Punjabi fashionable wear and then give a modern twist to it. Once you select the right color and combination for yourself, all that you need is the right accessories to flaunt your style and make an amazing fashion statement.

These Punjabi designer suits are easily available online, so you can choose from an amazing range of designs, motifs, floral patterns, combinations and a wide range of colors.


If you are going to a party and need something that is trendy, fashionable and modern, this is where party wear Punjabi suits will come in handy for you. One of the best things is that you can choose the suit material that you are comfortable with so that you can enjoy the party to the fullest.

If you are Punjabi at heart, a party is all that you need to showcase your inner Punjabi kudi.

There are a wide range of party wear Punjabi suits that you can opt for in the market. When you look for the Punjabi suits online, you will come across thousands of designs, patterns, color combinations, embroidery and so on.

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